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A Recipe for Disaster


A Recipe for Disaster (Clash of Clichés Book 2).

There’s got to be a rule in the Relationship Handbook that states, “Thou shalt not hit on your best friend’s little sister.” Kameron Wallace clearly hasn’t read this handbook, because he can’t keep his hands, or lips, off Janessa Banks. And that’s a huge problem when he’s staying with her family all summer, along with Janessa's overly protective older brothers, and yet he STILL insists on secretly making out with her. Trouble is, Janessa can’t resist him. And does she really want to?

Take a scorching hot summer. Add a sexy houseguest who is having trouble staying away from his best friend’s little sister. Mix with four overly protective older brothers. Sprinkle in an artistic, yet

conniving crush. Result- a recipe for disaster.