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Kissing Booth Princess

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Kissing Booth Princess 1

Enjoy Nala and Chase's story on fictionpress. This is the first story with mature content I've written, and it gotten pretty good feedback! 
Stay tuned for the longer, sexier sequel arriving soon-ish!


"Pucker up, princess," he murmured, grazing his lips temptingly over Nala's as he spoke. 

When Nala is roped into manning a kissing booth during a spring fair, she meets Chase, an impulsive, charming and uninhibited guy who is exactly what Nala had no idea she needed. She is quickly drawn into Chase's world of phone-napping, impromptu sexy mall encounters, phone smushing, and all out randomness.

Fictionpress link: Kissing Booth Princess

Also available to purchase on Amazon in Kindle format: Kissing Booth Princess Chronicles 1: Chemistry

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