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This is where I'll be posting my new works of fiction. To quote a slang term that I've overused this summer '16, "it's gonna be lit, fam."

*Please Note* The Fiction Corner is still UNDER CONSTRUCTION. That means I haven't opened up that section for anyone to see, and even though you're members of this site, you won't be able to log in to that section of the website. When it's open I'll send out an email to all members on this site with the password you can use to access my new writing!

I'll be posting plot synopses for the stories that I want to write. The first two are high school stories, and the third one is a New Adult (college) story. Questions or comments? Drop me a note in the comment box to the left!

Upon a Shining Star.

Offbeat Ayanna wishes on all the stars she sees. One of her wishes comes true when she’s placed into an experimental scholarship class for gifted juniors, as she sees it as her big chance to make it out of her strict foster group home and get into any college she desires. And nobody had better get in her way, not even her cute main competitor, Levi.

Levi is the new loner kid at school. All he wants is to graduate without anyone finding out the real reason his family moved from suburbia to the inner city. The scholarship is his only hope for him and his younger siblings to escape a hellish family life. He’ll do whatever it takes to win it, including trying to crush pretty, bubbly Ayanna academically, despite being drawn to her.

But love has other plans, and involuntary sparks fly between Ayanna and Levi, much to the consternation of people around them. After pasts checkered by pain, loss and abandonment, can the pair allow themselves to fall for each other, or will their single-minded desire to achieve their goals force them apart?

Fragile Hearts.

He’s the strange kid who’s always cheerful. The guy who always runs or bikes home as soon as school is out, for some reason. The boy who I normally wouldn’t have spared a second glance. He’s the one who saved me. And then I ruined him.

She’s the teen queen cheerleader who always tries to hide how sad she is. The girl who’s living a lie. The type my mother warned me to stay away from because she’s nothing but trouble. She’s the one I saved. And then she broke me.

When Theo ends up talking one of San Diego High’s most popular students off the ledge, he inserts himself into her life, wanting to make sure that Kambria won't try to hurt herself again. The more time he spends with her, the more he realizes that she’s much more than the typical cheerleader that he always thought she was.

Proving that opposites can attract, their unlikely friendship soon turns romantic. Having goofy Theo in Kambria’s life makes her happier than she’s been in years. And although most people are telling Theo that getting emotionally involved with Kambria, the notorious party girl, is a bad idea, every time he makes her smile, he falls harder for her.

But an explosive secret Kambria thought was buried rears its ugly head, throwing the new relationship into turmoil. And when tragedy strikes, will love be enough to conquer all?

The Truth Between the Kisses.

What’s a girl to do when she awakens for an innocent midnight snack while staying at her friend’s beach house for the summer, only to find aforementioned friend’s stepbrother in the kitchen half-asleep and butt naked?

A) Do not stare. B) No delighted laughter. C) No pointing either. D) Cover your eyes, girl! E) No, you CAN’T Snapchat this! F) Actually, close your eyes. Peeping Tomasina. G) Call Melody IMMEDIATELY. H) Don’t stare, I said! I) Fine, go ahead and look, you objectifying perve. 

Saskia could write the guide book to getting caught in awkward situations, and this is no exception. To make matters worse, her friend hates her step brother, and nosy Saskia decides to find out why. Should be easy enough to get Gabriel to tell her in between the flirting, kissing and touching, right? …Right? 

Nope, not when you factor in a wedding, familial drama, bitter feuds and old family secrets that refuse to remain buried. When Saskia finds herself directly involved in the summers sexiest fling with the black sheep of her host family, she has to decide whether the possibility of a short-lived relationship is worth losing a good friend over.